7 comments on “The Italian Duke’s Wife by Penny Jordan

  1. There’s nothing better than an over-the-top yet well-written romance novel, is there? Haha. Thanks so much for this amazing review. 😀
    P.S. I found you through the Old School Romance Book Club on FB. 😀

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  2. OMG, I remember my mother getting this in the mail as a freebie from the publisher. I stole it before she got the chance to read it. It was completely awful and I never gave it to her. Every single romance stereotype in one tiny book. I think I still have it in my closet somewhere, and it’s probably still there and probably still terrible.


      • It was so bad that I still remember some of the worst parts. For instance, when he kisses her on the balcony after they’ve known each other for like a day; several times he picks her up and carries her around including at the party in front of her ex; him calling her a whore even though she’s a virgin; and the one part when they’re in the bedroom and she can’t get out of her dress because it’s too tight so he conveniently picks up a pair of scissors, because of course we all keep scissors within easy reach at all times, and because it’s always a good idea to just cut off someone’s outfit with no regard for their safety. I kind of hoped he would miss and cut her and she’d get hepatitis and then she’d really have something to cry about.


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