10 comments on “Book Review: The Rake’s Protege ~ Or The Douche. by Barbara Hazard ~ Four Stars

  1. This sounds like such a frustrating read – and so problematic!

    I have always been uncomfortable with the trope of the guy who treats all women despicably but the one that he loves. It perpetuates the idea that most women are garbage and that the heroine is somehow special. Just ew!


    • It is strange, I was frustrated at first, but then her story was dominant, and it changed my outlook, I just kept hoping that there would be more “beauty and the beast” type of reformation. I think the book moved towards it, but at the end, I was surprised that the things I saw wrong at the beginning were never truly solved. The treating others better , at the end you didn’t read he did it, but it never said he wouldn’t. And the mistress, it never was said he was going to give that up. Clear to me it was written even before the 1985 pub. date, and I gave it a little slack for it. It was still good, but disappointing. Not as disappointing as Passion’s Dawn by Barbieri, but still … Hey , It was fun to pick on. lol gotta have some satisfaction. 🙂


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