5 comments on “Why Fanfiction Rules ~ Seventeen Seconds ~ How Janet Evanovich FF Made Me A Better Writer.

  1. I was just talking about this in a comment on my site! I write fanfiction as well and have two of them up (soon to be three) on my blog. I 100% agree that while you are taking characters and settings that are already established, it does quickly morph into your own. The best story I’ve written to date is a fanfiction, and I’m not ashamed of that. I also feel that every story is a fanfiction in some way since nothing is written in a vacuum. A prime example would be any Marvel or DC movie. The creators of those worlds are no longer writing and in fact the people making the stories now were (or claim to be) fans. Even some Marvel stories themselves like the ones involving Thor and Loki are pulled from Norse mythology. The only reason that’s not considered fanfiction is because it’s public domain. All stories come from somewhere. There’s a fantastic quote by Umberto Eco about that, as well.

    There are quite a few authors who begin with a fanfiction then change some names and whatnot and a make it their own. I’m thinking Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments with this one. I didn’t like the series, but I do like that what was initially a Harry Potter fanfiction has become popular.

    If I ever need a good defense of fanfiction, I turn to this wonderful manifesto written by Foz Meadows on the subject. It’s long, but very valid.



      • It certainly does. I wonder why we have too? Especially when it is obvious from the articles you have brought up that as long as you don’t call it fanfiction it seems to be an acceptable vehicle.

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      • Unfortunately, when people hear fanfiction, they almost immediately picture teenage girls inserting themselves into stories with their favorite characters and so on ensuing. But even if that’s what’s happening, so what? Young girls are ridiculed for everything they do. If they go with societal norms, they’re “basic,” if they go against it, they’re looking for attention. They can’t do anything right, and it’s awful. Fanfiction allows people especially marginalized groups to express themselves and their interests in writing using familiar characters and settings. It’s incredibly powerful. For older, more experienced writers, you can expand on the universe and/or resolve things that were left by the wayside. Either way, if I ever do become a published writer, I hope I retain this same philosophy. Right now I think it would be incredibly flattering if someone decided to write stories about my characters, and even if it’s not something I’d have them doing, meh? It doesn’t change “canon” unless the author decides to. Along the same vein, shared worlds are also a thing.

        Sorry to be long winded. Pretty much fanfiction is a great means of expression, and the haters should back off :p


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