Gazelle Book Shop


Above is the address on Facebook for my online used book shop.

It is also on Amazon. But, if you buy from me on Facebook, almost all the books I list are $1.00.  Plus media mail postage, of which is about $3.00.  If you buy a bunch of them, the media mail price stays pretty low and you get a bunch of books cheap. I am in the process of taking the inventory of 1600 books and posting them, per box they are in. If you check Amazon, you can see them all. You can also buy them there, but the shipping and the price stays what it is. On Amazon, after fees, I make about .25 cents a book. You pay at least $6.75 for the pleasure of buying it via Amazon. Which is fine. I love working with Amazon. But If you want to buy directly, please do. I am trying to keep the list updated, to make sure that I still have all the books I say I do. Here is the link for the Amazon store…