This is my Ebay address for our ecommerce presence.  Vintage and new fabrics, sewing patterns, paper,books,sewing machines and parts,(I work on sewing machines for fun, I am serious) crafts and also our Wyldrabbit paper bead rolling tools. (handmade) With the help of my family, I have been running this business since 1999. I work mostly with fabrics, but I have a romance with paper that really becomes borderline obsessive. Patterns were introduced into the store about five years ago almost on a dare.. as in ‘I dare you to make any money on these things’,(I did, but now that I think about it, I started working with fabric on another dare!) and since then sewing machines have also been brought in.  Dealing mostly in vintage arts makes this an interesting and ideal occupation.  P.S. I do not sew. So It’s kinda strange, right? (Well… I have sewn pillow cases and covers for pillows…Pillows… and the shade fabric on our back patio…technically, that was my husband…. but it was my machine… go Singer! I held the fabric.)IMG_7242